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Research and Presentation

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3.7 Research and 3.6 Presentation




We will do these assessments as a combined unit. Your research will based on a range of literature (at least one of which will be a text we have studied this year) and your presentation will be based on an aspect of your research.


Here are the full task instructions for each. I will also issue you a combined/condensed version of these tasks in class.


Click here to print off the student instructions


Source Sheet


3.7 Complete independent research on a language or literature topic and present findings in written form

Click here for the task

Click here for the studyit page for this standard


3.6 Construct and deliver an oral presentation

Click here for the task

Click here for the studyit page for this standard


Start thinking about a range of texts you want to study. They need to have a common theme or motif so you can look for patterns, similarities and differences!


Here are a range of topics from my class last year

Research Topics 2007.doc

A range of research topics.doc


Here is a sample powerpoint used for a presentation last year

The Caged Bird Image.ppt

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