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Richard III

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 Richard III - The man and the myths




In order to understand the play of Richard III it is important that we have a greater understanding of the real Richard and the historical context of the play. To achieve this you will complete a webquest, working in groups to look at specific areas of the play. 


Your group will be assigned one of the following areas. You will have two weeks to come up with a presentation on the topic, and to upload the notes onto this wiki. You will be given some class time, but the expectation is that you will complete it as a homework project. Useful links should be considered as a starting point only. Remember BOOKS can prove quite useful as well!!!


You will type in your findings here, but you may also provide links to resources such as word documents and powerpoints you have created. You may also add live links to relevant websites.


Powerpoint Tips by Tapio Saarinen

At the end of the year, it's going to be hard to read white text on images... and everyone loves copy+paste.

Women of Richard III

Richard III comparisons


Richard III the man - the play vs. reality

It is your job to come up with the similarities and differences between the Richard III conveyed in historical texts and the Richard in the play.

Useful links

Richard III Society info

Richard III foundation

Provide your findings here:

Real Richard vs Shakespeare's Richard.ppt



The War of the Roses

The War of the Roses provides the historical setting for the play. Create a timeline of the key events and point out the similarities and differences between the historical records and the play.


Useful links

The War of the Roses site

Richard III Society - war of the roses

Provide your findings here:



Women of Richard III

You will look at the role of women in Elizabethan society and how this impacted on the representation of women in Richard III. How are they portrayed in the play?

Useful links

Richard III and women

Life in Elizabethan England


Provide your findings here:



Heroes and Bastards

How does Richard III compare to Hamlet, King Lear, Henry V, Othello and Macbeth. Similarities and differences? Focus particularly on Macbeth.

Fathom - online learning


Useful links

Provide your findings here:

Richard III.ppt by Grace S, Amy and Nati


Richard III and his tyrant buddies

What are the historical figures you would compare him with and why?

Useful links

Provide your findings here:

Richard and his Tyrant Buddies.ppt , By Geoffrey, Lauren Michael and Rose.


Rules of succession - how can you become king?

What are the rules of succession in Elizabethan England and how does this influence Richard's decision making in the play.

Useful links

Succession to the British throne - wikipedia


Provide your findings here:

 Richard III[1].ppt

Just a little note: The two Prince Edwards were from completely different lineage. Richard, Son of Edward, is living at the time of the play and is one of the princes in the tower. He is the son of Edward IV and Elizabeth.


The other Prince Edward was the Prince of Wales before Edward IV was on the throne. He was killed in battle in 1471, before the period of the play began. He was originally to be married to Anne, and that is why she was mourning the death of Henry IV, his father. He was not a Yorkist at all, in fact his death in 1471 was considered by the Lancastrians as the end of their line, and that England was lost forever (the Lancastrians were the legal monarchs). Henry VII had such weak claim to the throne via blood that he wisely chose to claim England by conquest, instead of by lineage because he was only a distant relative of the Lancastrian line. 

        - Michael

Richard the Boar

What are the animal images used to describe Richard. Are there other Shakespearean figures who have been described in similar terms?

Useful links

Richard the Boar 


General Resources 



Useful Links and Resources - fell free to add resources or links!!!!

Richard III - answers.com

Richard III - spark notes

Richard III - no fear shakespeare (the full text in plain English)

Richard III - Cambridge Student Guide

Shakespeare theatre - great Richard III notes

The Richard III Society website  

Life in Elizabethan England - Titles

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