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On this page add any links, examples or information about how the character is developed throughout the film.




Character Analysis- Stewart





  • Inappropriately dressed for the environment-formal suit, hat-very much the typical English colonialist.
  • Victorian dress is constricting and impractical, which helps to develop the theme of entrapment.
  • This also shows Stewart's unwillingness to change/adapt-he is not interested in learning about the country; he is more interested in transforming the landscape into an English ideal.
  • This links to the fact that he is always combing his hair-he has an obsession with perfecting, trimming and controlling whatever is around him.




  • His house is the opposite to Baines'-his symbolises death whilst Baines' symbolises life.
  • It is isolated from the community.
  • The first shot of the house is of it in the rain, misty (grey filter)- trees are cut and and look burnt- smokey effect of the mist reinforces the image of burning and emphasises Stewart's role as the destroyer.
  • It doesn't fit into the landscape-it is an English colonial style house, made out of wood. The landscape, to Stewart, is merely an aquisition-it is something to be owned and developed. There is no spiritual connection, rather it is prized for its resources, and its ability to be cultivated.
  • The burnt out trees in the front of the house, create an image of bars, establishing the theme of entrapment- this is later reinforced when Stewart boards up the house to prevent Ada from seeing Baines.





  • Unlike Baines, Stewart cannot speak Maori and doesn't attempt to understand their customs and traditions- he regularly asks Baines to translate for him.


  • Ada- Stewart often attempts intimacy with Ada but this is unsuccessful because of his emotional and sexual illiteracy. For instance when Ada is touching Stewart he says "I want to touch you."- he is unsatisfied because he feels as if he always has to be in control of things and must be in a position of dominance, he cannot cope bcause he does not know how to express his emotions and react to this intimacy
  • he trades the piano (i.e. Ada) for land and this shows his ignorance and insensitivity.


  • When Stewart chops off Ada's finger, it is not an emotional act of jealousy or rage, but rather a moral act of punishment. -"Speak or not you will answer for this!"


  • Voyeurism- watching Baine's and Ada reinforces Stewart's emotional detachment, shows how dysfunctional he is but also that he is partially intrigued because of the lack of any emotional/physical connection with anyone in his life.


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