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The War of the Roses

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On the page you will create a website dedicated to the history of The War of the Roses and its relationship to the play King Richard III. Each group will cover a different aspect, and will have responsibility for posting your findings on this page.


Post your findings here:


1) Create a timeline of events


War of the Roses.ppt 

2) Who was involved in The War of the Roses

 Who was involved in the W.O.T.R.doc


3) What is the relationship between the historical events and the play Richard III

 Richard III.doc


4) What were the origins of The War of the Roses



5) Explain the significance of the Roses




You will have until Monday to post your findings and will then be expected to present your findings to the class.


The following websites are a good starting point:

Useful links

The War of the Roses site

Richard III Society - war of the roses

Richard III - About the character.

Provide your findings here:


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